LL and DeBonis – Again

Loose Lips did a major cover story on Jack Evans called “Unhappy Jack”. It was a very good piece. In it, LL questioned from where was $50,000 a year of Evans’ income coming. DeBonis followed up with a piece entitled “Jack Evans’s mystery job revealed”. It turns out Mr. Evans is or was getting $50,000 a year to mostly collect the mail for an insurance company. That doesn’t add up to me, but that’s what we have to date.

DeBonis Twofer

Yesterday, Mike DeBonis pivoted from his “Move along people, there’s
nothing to see here
” of a few days ago to “Hmm, this may be something after all”.
And he reported on Evans having to testify in the re-directing of funds to associates
of Fenty
. Drip. Drip .Drip.