Rob Halligan put this blog up to give a new format to John Hanrahan’s documenting of Councilman Evans’ issue with recusing himself for a Marriott deal or two. If Jack Evans doesn’t have a conflict, why did he recuse himself? Why does Jack Evans not fill out the recusal forms to explain why he recused himself? Would those forms reveal something he doesn’t want known? And why have those who are supposed to receive those recusal forms not taken any action? If you read the posts derived from emails John Hanrahan has sent, I think you’ll also conclude this issue deserves more attention. The published dates are from when they were originally published in other sources such as in email, listservs, or on other sites. Starting with the first post might make for better reading than starting with the most recent.

As time goes by, this blog may move on to other topics topics that show problems with DC city government to help document certain stories that need to be aired. One reason to start this blog was to have material that is widely-known to activists available to be linked to in other publications, so that, non-activists (who are not heavy listserv readers and are not on certain emails lists) can see the stuff that local media may not be covering.

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