Evans Recusal Issue Resolved – Kinda

Mike DeBonis and Alan Suderman finally asked the question of Jack Evans why won’t file his recusal forms on the Convention Center Marriott deal. It turns out CM Evans has had an opinion from the DC Council’s General Counsel, V. David Zvenyach, since April that says even though CM Evans was in violation of the law, it was OK anyway. Thanks Mike and Alan for digging into it in a Post blog post and WCP blog post.

So that leaves some of us Ward 2 residents wondering why it’s OK for CM Evans to wrangle a $200 million subsidy – that Steve Pearlstein of the Post characterized as the DC government seeming to have more interest in than the developers – through-out the writing of the legislation and then recuse himself at the end. It seems to me that if you recuse yourself you shouldn’t be the person pushing the deal behind the scenes.


3 thoughts on “Evans Recusal Issue Resolved – Kinda

  1. Rob, Rob, Rob – it’s all over, man. You and the Hanrahan’s and all the other Dupont crazies were wrong. Hard to accept, I know. Now you guys really, REALLY look desperate and petty if you find a way to keep talking about this. I am no fan of Evans myself, but using non-stories like this to go after him does not help anybody.

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