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      • @ Halligan Projects:

        A boyfriend/girlfriend/full time job might help you with a life as well! You have had an ERECTION for Jack Evans since God knows when! Let it go. He has done nothing illegal. Does he make deals with developers? Yes and thank god someone does! Deals with developers lead to tax $$$ to build schools, libraries, and your precious bike lanes. Maybe you would prefer to relocated to Ward 7 or 8 where the CMs couldn’t make a deal if their lives depended on it. My only point – there are bigger issues and bigger fish to fry.

        Evans has 2012 locked down, including your neighborhood. You can have all the meetings you want (yes, I was even invited!) but you ain’t got the $$$, support, or know-how to be a school board member!

        And if you think I am stupid/desperate enough to work for DC guv, you really are tripping!

      • Teddy – I’m so happy you are not trolling from a DC server today. But work on a minor holiday? We couldn’t expect that. Again, if the the CM you are protecting for some unknown reason doesn’t have a problem, he should just fill out the required recusal forms.I don’t see why you should have a problem with that.

  1. ok what you are missing in the conlict of interest is did Jack represent them? Mostly likely the firm he is employed by represented these interests and not JACK. That isn’t a conflict. Had Jack been counsel for them, it would have been a different story. Get your facts straight because frankly you don’t know much!

    • The facts are straight, Barrie. The fact is he recused himself. The fact is he refuses to fill out the DC law required form explaining why he recused himself. Yes, we don’t know much, because CouncilmanEvans is evading the law by not informing the public and the government. Why would you defend that (and be insulting about it at the same time)?

      • You’re a lone horse on this one, @ Halligan Projects, which is likely why you and John (and Peter Tucker) are the only ones at the dance. Get a hobby! Help the homeless in Kalorama!

  2. @ Halligan Projects:

    Evans was smart enough to cut those suckas out, so there goes the 35%. Silverman didn’t even win his own precinct! Look back in time – Evans always gets 5000 votes and his opponent, if any, 1000. Looks like Fiona could scrape together 500 or so! Sorry to say – you got 4 more years of Evans! At least you’ll have 4 more years of your favorite hobby too!

    • “Ted” – For someone whose ONLY presence on the internet (I wonder if that’s a fake name) is making fanboy replies on blog posts that aren’t favorable to Evans, you sure don’t know much about Evans. Shaw voted only a few percentage points higher for Evans than Georgetown did.

      • LOLOL… I wonder if “Ted” Grammer is any relation to Kelsey. Or “Lovery Smile” on the Loose Lips blog. Keep up the good work, RH.

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